Prenatal Music for Life


Prenatal Music for Life is an educational series for expectant parents. This 2 CD, 1 DVD set was created and produced to enhance prenatal learning through specific pregnancy exercises and special prenatal music., which will help dads get actively involved in the pregnancy. Presented in English and Spanish right out of the box.

The step by step instructions will show expecting moms and dads how to communicate with their baby before birth and teach the baby in the womb and during infancy. The relaxing prenatal music is digitally mixed to penetrate the womb and teach the baby different rhythmic patterns, and increase their attention span in the womb and during infancy. Timothy Patrick Murphy composed the music and produced the series.  The series has been endorsed by the Emerald Chapter of the March of Dimes and Midwifery Today Magazine. The mission statement for Prenatal Music for Life is: Improving family at a time. $19.95 

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